How to Make Your
Brand Stand Out and
Be Remembered

Simone Barker, Brand Marketing Expert, Owner of Unforgettabrand


I'm Simone, founder of Unforgettabrand.

For more than 15 years now, I've worked with businesses of all sizes - multinationals, non-profits, small businesses, and even individuals - to help them with their brand marketing.

Brand marketing helps a business grow its customer base, primarily by asking questions like, who should your brand be talking to and what does your message need to say to reach them. 

These questions may seem basic but the truth is, so many businesses never really answer them.

If you don't answer them you limit your brand's breakthrough potential. 

In our world of abundant choice, the main challenge brands face today is breaking through the clutter of competition.

If you don't find a way to break through the clutter, you can't make an impression, and if you don't make an impression, you cannot be remembered. 

So how can you make your brand unforgettable?

The great news is, it really can be done.

Here I'll be sharing all the steps I follow to make brands breakthrough.

I look forward to working with you! 




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The 5 Branding Mistakes DESTROYING
Your Brand's Breakthrough Power


You want to build an empire, grow your market share or at the very least increase your business performance versus last year.

You know a strong brand would make it easier to achieve your goals, but you're not sure even where to begin.

Does this sound like you?

Building a brand is a bit elusive but there are clear steps you can take and I'm going to show you all of them. 

Let's start though by looking at common mistakes businesses make when trying to create a powerful brand. If you're prone to doing any of these, stop now. 

These mistakes can seem innocent enough. They are easy to make but they have big consequences.

They limit your breakthrough power which limits your audience’s potential to remember you.

So please, don't make them!

Mistake #1: when you think branding you think logo design and all of your branding efforts go towards keeping yours looking good

Many people believe a brand is its logo. This is incorrect.

Your logo isn’t itself your brand - it’s a symbol of your brand.

Your brand is something much deeper. It’s the collection of meanings and associations people build up over time based on their exposure to your brand. 

Your logo, on the other hand, is like a shorthand that connects people to these meanings and associations. Your logo enables instant recall and instant reinforcement of all that your brand stands for.

Of course, when you first create a brand logo it’s simply an image that doesn’t have any meaning.

It can only come to mean something over time, according to the way your brand talks and behaves to its audience.

That’s why brand marketing starts with deciding what you want your brand to stand for and to who. 

If you don’t give thought to your brand’s meaning and essence and you instead focus only on your logo design, you won’t be setting yourself up to experience the success that true brand marketing can deliver.

Of course, you may still be successful in business, but it will be due to other factors like customer service, promotional offers, and price cuts, etc.

It won't be because you created a brand that works hard for you by communicating your core values and differentiation in order to drive preference and memorability among your target audience.

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